in Concert, shown in the IX Annual Governors Island Art Fair, Governors Island, NYC.
This work was completed after a residency on Governors Island running from June till September of 2016.

I build work to be walked past and looked through. I craft objects to be picked up and put down. I make work that frames spectators, and subtly pulls them from daily routines. My work produces spaces and pieces that encourage public interaction: both between spectator and art, and between spectator and spectator. Regardless of their own volition, spectators conceptually enter the work so that they, themselves, become pieces of it.

My work engages an audience on a personal, intimate level. The materials I use tend toward the mundane, the domestic, the natural, the familiar. This allows viewers to engage with the work as it relates to their own lives and routines, rather than from within a sterile, elevated, “white-wall” context. These associations extend the reach and the pull of the work, allowing those without professional training, experience, or preconceptions, an entrypoint. In this way, I wish for my work to touch an audience common not necessarily to the art-world, but engaged and attentive to the real-world. My work is not just visual, but tactile. The work demands to be handled, reaches to be stroked, and allows itself to be manipulated. It is only through a sense of touch that much of my work may be fully grasped.

in Concert, 2016 | 2017 | Material, Space