Walnut Petty. Walnut partial-waterfall shelf with various inlays.

Fruitwood Twist Extension Table. Walnut and Sycamore leaf table with walnut inlay. 7′ x 3′ fully extended. Leaves are each 14″

Oaken Twist Table. Oak dining table with breadboards and benches. 60″ x 40″

Poplar Frames with walnut splines.

Custom gallery shelving

Gallery buildout.

Small ladder back chair for my nephew. I gave the chair to him unfinished, and he has been systematically painting over the entire surface.

Red Oak mantle I milled in 2011. The surface is checked, and I worked purple epoxy into the spiderwebs of small cracks.

Dormer solution in sheetrock.

Bar renovation and installation.

Cityscape serving board

Black and White Bed Frame. Charred and oiled ash.

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