“Main Street, Beacon, NY,” 2012. Cardboard boxes collected from various stores on Main Street, Beacon, hardware.
Room measures 20′ x 10′ x 8′

Access Excess, Installation Shots. The Art Space, Beacon, NY, 5.12.2012

Photography by Ben Wlody

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I am for an art that is universally accessible; an art that will simultaneously draw people in as it pushes others away. I am for art in which anyone may find truth, beauty, or significance, regardless of experience or education. In this art, discord may be just as important as harmony, reason as chaos, and fact as fiction. Here, I am more concerned with attention and engagement, rather than appeal.

In Access Excess, I invite my audience to enter (conceptually and physically) spaces I’ve created. Viewers assign their own pre-conceptions to the mediums, which consist predominantly of common, salvaged objects. The familiarity and craft of the work invites a moment of ambiguity, as the viewer must distinguish between function and aesthetics.  This uncertainty draws the viewer into a closer, more comfortable and playful gallery experience.

More than conveying a moral or meaning, I want my work to evoke a feeling. Be it an illusion of space, a suggestion of movement, or a sense of claustrophobia, belonging, or wonder, the work is there for viewers to interpret, from their own frame of reference, inside the box of the gallery.

Access Excess is a show that deals with the idea of a screen, or of looking through. The pieces occupy a realm between sculpture and wall-based work.  This gray area is important to me: by blurring the boarders between categories of art, my work avoids easy classification, perhaps distancing itself from what has been, and coming altogether into its own.

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